Mission Statement

Country Club Dental Care is a team of committed health professionals utilizing advanced technology to provide expert and compassionate dental care for our patients.

Core Values: These are what patients can expect from Country Club Dental Care and Staff

Compassion – We will treat others with kindness and respect
Expert – We will stay highly educated and informed of new treatment modalities
Commitment – We will provide our best abilities to our practice, patients, and staff
Health Care – We will treat others as entire persons in a holistic manner
Excellence – We will do our respective duties with the highest level of competence
Service – We exist to care for our patients and will go above and beyond their expectations

We are setting ourselves up to this level

I will be a continuing student (continuing education)
I will go beyond other’s expectations (excellence)
I will take courses to help me better serve our patients (expert)
I will treat our team and patients with dignity and respect (compassion)
I will treat our team and patients with empathy and kindness (care)
I will use technology as an energizing tool (technology)
I will seek change to benefit our patients (advanced)
I will do what is necessary to help our team be successful (team)
I will do my part to ensure that the office runs smoothly (team)
I will be honest with our staff and patients (integrity)
I will focus my energies and skills on fulfilling this mission statement (commitment)