Bonding/ White Fillings

What is Bonding?

This is a popular treatment for making your smile more beautiful. The use of bonding can fill in cracks or cover ups gaps. It can also be used as a cavity filling. Bonding can restore stained or discolored teeth to a natural looking color.

How Does It Work?

A composite resin is placed on an adhesive gel on the affected tooth. It is then molded and sculpted to the desired look. After the bonding is applied and sculpted, an ultraviolet light is used to dry and harden the composite resin. The dentist will then polish the finished product to give a bright and shiny new smile.

The natural look of bonding is clearly superior to the unsightly look of silver fillings. The advancements in bonding technology means that bonding will often last for over ten years. It is also a very budget-friendly treatment that solves many dental issues.

Bonding Offers Advantages

  • It is stronger than silver fillings
  • It is more visually appealing than silver fillings.
  • It is a great way to repair defective, old silver fillings
  • It can be used pre-emptively to avoid future problems from silver fillings. Simply replace the old silver fillings with bonding before the silver cause any problems.