Teeth Whitening

The Challenge of Keeping Teeth White

It can be a challenge to keep our teeth the whitest they can be. They are soon stained by coffee, tea, wine, smoking, and certain foods. Even when we brush like we should, they can begin to lose their brightness. A teeth whitening treatment can quickly restore your smile to dazzling perfection. You can match the natural color that you’ve always had, or you can even make them whiter than before.

While bleaching will brighten your natural teeth, it cannot affect crowns and tooth-colored fillings. Come in for a consultation and we can help you decide what will work for your situation.

How Does It Work?

The teeth whitening treatment goes through a process of two steps. First, an impression is made of all of your teeth. The impression is necessary to make custom-fit bleaching trays. A perfect fit is important because it will keep the bleaching gel from irritating your gums.

The next step is to take the trays home for 7-14 days of treatment. You will place the bleaching solution in the bleaching trays. You will need to wear the trays for approximately 1-2 hours per day. You will soon see a dramatic change in the brightness of your smile. It is a great way to regain confidence and a sense of youth.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

It is possible that some patients may develop a sensitivity to the bleaching solution. In this rare situation, you may be advised to try one of the following solutions.

  • Bleach for a shorter time each day
  • Alternate your bleaching days
  • Use a prescription-strength toothpaste for a couple of weeks before you resume the bleaching process.

The results that each patient enjoys will vary from one individual to another; however, the majority of our teeth-whitening patients are very pleased with the success that they see.

How Long Will My Teeth Stay White?

The effects of the treatment will last different amounts of time for different people. A big factor is your eating habits. Some foods and drinks will darken your teeth much faster than others. These include coffee, dark sodas, and tea (especially green tea). If you will avoid some of these foods and drinks, your whitening treatment may last up to two whole years! If you find that the treatment is wearing off, you can always bleach again. The follow up applications will effectively whiten your teeth quicker than the first treatment.

Find Out About ZOOM!

We can provide a beautifully white smile in about an hour right in our own office! We are happy to offer ZOOM! treatments. While you sit in our comfortable dentist chair, we will use a safe, whitening gel and a low-intensity light which activates that gel. We can whiten your teeth by 6-10 shades of white in one office visit.

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